K-12 computer science teachers professional development

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Professionals who hold a teaching certification or endorsement for K-12 education and have professional background related to computer science are now permitted by the Michigan Department of Education to teach computer science.

This new Wayne State University professional development certificate is designed to assist certified teachers who will be teaching computer science courses in schools and meets the state's approved K-12 Computer Science Standards. It was created through a unique partnership among the College of Education Teacher Education Program, College of Engineering Department of Computer Science, and Executive and Professional Development.

The programming and cybersecurity courses also are good learning opportunities for professionals who want to to upgrade their skills in cybersecurity and transition to a career in this high-demand field.

Program highlights

  • Three distinct courses designed for beginners, with a focus on computer science integration
  • Facilitated instruction from university faculty experts
  • Courses are online designed in modules so you can learn at your own pace
  • Ability to take multiple classes simultaneously
  • SCECHs available

Beginner level courses* - $100 each

Intermediate and advanced courses will be offered in 2021

K-12 Computer Science Cybersecurity and Ethics – 14 SCECHs

This course introduces participants to the basics of cybersecurity ethics and helps prepare educators to teach cybersecurity and ethics-related areas of the K-12 Computer Science Standards.

K-12 Computer Science Programming – 18.5 SCECHs

This course introduces participants to the basics of computer programming using the software development tool Scratch to demonstrate a number of programming concepts.  This tool may be used by young learners in your classroom, and each course module concludes with a homework assignment to reinforce the content.

K-12 Computer Science Teaching, Learning, and Assessment – 14 SCECHs

Computer science helps to develop computational and critical thinking skills, preparing students to be competitive in the 21st century.  This course demonstrates how Michigan's Computer Science Standards can be integrated into content areas at the K-5 level and how to begin teaching computer science.

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* Please note: Participants must complete all three courses to receive the professional development certificate.