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Outplacement Services

WSU-EPD has extensive experience building and delivering comprehensive outplacement programs...with outstanding results.  In 2010 we delivered a program specifically designed for displaced white-collar professionals and over 70% of the participants that responded to our follow-up survey reported successful job/business placement.

 Here is what our participants say about their experience in our programs:

 "Thank you for all your help! This program was a real blessing to me. I especially want to say thanks to my coach and to all the Wayne State staff. You could tell that they truly cared, it was more than just a job to them, but really an effort to come alongside us, and help us in our efforts to find employment. Thank you!"

 "I found the program to be very beneficial in providing the knowledge, skills, and resources to enhance my job search. I believe this is a very good program for any and all who find themselves either searching for a job due to being unemployed, or who are changing careers."

 "The level of professionalism exhibited by the facilitators, the organization, the location, the similarities in the wants and needs of the participants, the timing, materials and the strategic planning of the program was awesome."

"It was a very good program overall. It helped me get on track with my job search strategies, write a much better resume and cover letter and turned around my performance at the interview from contingent to dynamic."

 "I have been back to work for 2 weeks now...I thank you and the ETP program for my employment."

 Each training package we design is customized for the audience and client objectives.